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    P90X2 continues your progress after P90X? with cutting-edge training based on powerful new sports science. 12 new breakthrough workouts that include more emphasis on your core, athletic function, balance, and agility. Includes a comprehensive, customizable nutrition plan with vegan and grain-free options. From the makers of P90X the #1 extreme fitness program in the world. Personal trainer Tony Horton delivers the workouts with his unique blend of motivation and humor.

The Workouts:

X2 Core

The core is your body's foundation: the point where all movement begins. By working your core using instability, you force your body to fire both its prime mover and stabilizer muscles in harmony. As you master this routine, all of your movement patterns will improve.


Combines traditional explosive movements with mind and coordination drills to increase not only your speed and endurance, but your entire mind/body connection, as well. Don't do this one more than once per week.

X2 Recovery + Mobility

You learned with P90X that your body only grows stronger while at rest after it has been challenged. The P90X2 Recovery + Mobility workout takes this a step further by not only enhancing recovery, but also forcing your body to realign to promote better overall functionality. The key is a myofascial release technique called foam rolling. Expect to get a whole new understanding of the phrase, "hurts so good." This workout also provides you with a complete stretching routine for those days you prefer to work without the foam roller.

X2 Total Body

Combines resistance and instability to ensure that your body uses the correct muscles in the given movement. Old school isolation movements that can lead to muscular imbalance not welcome here. In this workout you'll earn every repetition, and form is king.

X2 Yoga

Yoga's traditional benefits of relaxing the body and restoring the mind are present but will take a back seat to increasing isometric power, improving your range of motion, and building vital stabilizer muscle strength. This is yoga, X2 style. Yoga is a fountain of youth and to us, staying young means staying strong and supple.

Balance + Power

The moves in this workout force core rigidity under duress by incorporating strength and explosive movements. As you improve your body's connection between balance and power, your body alignment will improve, nagging aches and pains will lessen, and you'll be able to push far beyond the limits you once thought you had.

Chest + Back + Balance

The same mega pump that was P90X Chest & Back now gets an added bonus, an array of unstable platforms designed to make your body earn its muscle. As you improve at this workout, your strength gains will be superior to those made with any traditional weight-training workout.

X2 Shoulders + Arms

Shoulder instability leads to an assortment of injuries experienced by many of us as we age. By keeping our shoulders and arms strong and in balance, we can avoid breakdowns. And that, along with looking good in short sleeved shirts, is the philosophy behind the creation of X2 Shoulders + Arms.

Base + Back

Working the body's two largest groups of muscles in one workout may seem sadistic but most people seem to find this pull-up and plyo extravaganza very entertaining. It's the sweatiest "weight training" workout you'll ever endure, uh . . . experience.

P.A.P. Lower

P.A.P. stands for Post-Activation Potentiation, but all you really need to know is that it is the cutting-edge technique that translates into performance. Two four-round complexes of seemingly straightforward movements don't look like much on paper but these workouts have destroyed the fittest athletes on the planet. The same ones who swear by them just as soon as they finish swearing at them. Just wait 'til you see what they can do for you.

P.A.P. Upper

The same complex training format as P.A.P. Lower but this time focused on your upper body. Remember when you were a kid and bounced around jumping fences and climbing trees? Post-Activation Potentiation training will bring back your youth. Over time you'll feel loose, springy, and young.

X2 Ab Ripper

"I hate it. But I love it." Squared. Tony takes you through a series of core movements that'll upgrade your concept of what an ab workout is supposed to be.

P90X2 Power Your Performance Fitness Guide

This is your road map and your plan of attack for using P90X2. The guide provides guidelines for getting started and essential tips for how to make the most of the program. It also includes in-depth information about the science behind P90X2, a complete overview of the three training phases, a fit test, and an overview of the recommended supplements and equipment.

P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide

Following the P90X2 nutrition guide is just as vital to your overall success as any of the extreme workouts in this program. Specifically designed to work in tandem with the P90X2 workout routines, the guide includes three eating plans, with vegan and grain-free options, which allow you to customize based on your personal needs, plus over 50 recipes. P90X2 is not about quick fixes or miracle diets. It's about selecting the healthy foods that you want to eat and determining the portion amounts that will provide your body with the right amount of fuel to excel during exercise. Since everyone's body is different, the three plans allow you to pick the balance of foods that work for you. Plan 1, Fat Shredder 2.0, is a high-protein-based diet designed to help you strengthen your muscles while simultaneously and rapidly shedding fat from your body. Plan 2, Energy Booster 2.0, emphasizes a balanced mix of carbohydrates and proteins with a lower amount of fat to achieve additional energy for performance. And Plan 3, Endurance Maximizer 2.0, is an athletic diet of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and lower fat, with the emphasis on more carbohydrates. You'll need this combination of foods as fuel to get the most out of your final few weeks and truly be in the best shape of your life.

 Tools to Keep You Motivated 

P90X2 90-day workout calendar to set your workout goals, track your progress, and stay motivated. Free Online Support Tools for access to fitness experts, peer support, and motivation.

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